Art Charges

First 15 minutes of prepress work free.
For pricing purposes, we have divided our art services into two catagories.

Graphic Prepress
Artwork provided that needs prepress work from our staff

Artwork that needs work… $35.00 per hour

• One Color, Spot Color Separation, etc…
• Line Art, Manual Tracing, etc…
• File Digitizing, Scanning & Touch-Up, etc…
• Typesetting, etc…

Graphic Design
Artwork created by our staff for production
Custom Artwork Created For… $50.00 min.

$35.00 per hour

• Sporting Events, Games, etc…
• Political Campaigns, etc…
• Business Campaigns, Promotionals, etc…

Logo Creation, Corporate Identity Art $100.00 min.
Copies of Artwork provided for outside use

Plain Paper Copy: $5.00 • Vellum Paper: $10.00 • Emailed File: TBA
All Artwork requires a written signature of approval
before production can take place.
Our in-house artists can provide you with the necessary expertise and design skills to get your message across.
We pride ourselves in reproducing existing artwork,
spot and process color separating, modifications,
and custom illustration and cartooning.

See our Custom Designing Page for details as to what we can do for you.
Email or Call Us with Questions
Mike McCarthy 1-508-490-6315

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Price Listing
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