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Our in-House Art Department
has the experience and skill sets to provide you with the design and message you want displayed. We take pride in our ability to reproduce your ideas. Provide us any file format, hand sketch, or concept and we'll convert it to a finished embroidery or screen printed piece . We are leaders in producing process and spot color separations, for both dark and light color garments.Our art department host custom illustrators that will create custom designs for any event you may have. Call us today for any questions you may have.

When Sending Your Designs!
We prefer Vector based artwork created in software such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.. Files created in vector art can be saved in EPS, PDF, AI, and SVG formats

Art that is sent to us a pixel based formats, such as JPEG, PNG, Gif, PSD, etc..., have to be reproduced for screening and embroidery and may require an art charge. See the pricing structure below.
Art Department Pricing
First 30 minutes of Graphic Prepress work FREE. Additional time requres an art charge.
We also will provide up to 2 revisions of work sent or created in-house. Art charges are required if further revisions are needed.

For pricing purposes, we have divided our art services into two catagories.
• Graphic Prepress
Artwork provided that needs prepress work from our staff, such as:
Color Separation, Manual Tracing & Digitizing, Scanning & Touch-Up, Extensive Typesetting, etc..
$45.00 per hour
• Custom Design
Artwork created by our staff for production $50.00 per hour ($35.00 min.)
All Artwork requires a written signature of approval before production can take place.
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